SUGAR & SPICE - Snow Ball Garland


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Is your mini me(s) full of sweetness that melts your heart and has spunk and individuality that keeps life zesty every day? Chances are YES! 

Some days are full of sweetness and some days are full of spice, but both bring blessings and memories for life!  

This mini ball garland is the perfect accent to a bedroom or living area!  Try on it's own or with the coordinating SUGAR & SPICE letter or felt ball garlands!

The Snow Ball Garland is an amazing addition to your garland line up any time of year.  In this collection it adds a dreamy texture to take your SUGAR & SPICE garland to the next level.


NOTE - This garland is longer than our typical felt ball garlands, at almost 5 feet in length (7ft total with string & ties), to complement the length of our SUGAR & SPICE letter garland.  The felt balls are also different than our typical garland. The larget felt ball measures around one and a half inches and the smallest felt ball measures around a quarter inch.

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